plus size women

Choosing clothes for women who are big can be a daunting task if you are not careful. At times it may even be difficult to get the right style for such women. There are some tips you can follow to style up plus size women.

Style tips for choosing clothes for plus size women

Well fitted clothes


It is important that plus size women wear clothes that fit them well. Some women with full figure wear tight clothes which look like bursting the seams. Others, on the contrary, are ashamed of their bodies, and so they try to under clothes that are too loose or big. You should wear clothes that fit your body size and height as they will make you look great.

V-neck tops

These tops look great especially on the plus size women since they help to elongate the torso hence diminishing its wideness. You can choose to wear slightly deeper necks as well. V-neck will elongate your looks and bring your eyes downwards.

Proper undergarments

You need to wear well-fitting and proper undergarments. These garments will make you feel comfortable. Also, your plus size women clothes will fit your best if you wear well-fitting undergarments.

Low waists and high waists

Low and high waists can both be useful to plus size women. You can wear high-waisted dresses with slim waistlines and can attenuate the curves on your body better. Even a belt may be worn to add emphasis. A lower waist may look better if you are wearing pants. You can wear the pants to sit low on the hips to allow your stomach to be hidden.

Long tops

Tops that are long elongate the torso. Ensure to cover your belly if it is not worth showing off. A longer top will help to elongate your torso and make you look slimmer than you are. With this, if you love handles stick over your jeans, other will not see it.


This is a great idea. The fact you look taller makes you look slimmer than you are. You also walk more delicately when you put on your heels thus you do not look like you are rolling along.

Avoid tapered pants

womenSomehow plus size women think tapered pant make them look slimmer than you are. On the contrary, they do not. You should wear straight legs so that you avoid the ice cream look. Wearing these pants make your thighs to attract more attention so if you want to achieve this, you can wear them, otherwise, keep to straight legs.

Take your time when picking clothes if you are a plus size woman. You can be fashionable with any other woman regardless of your body size.