Why Are People Starting Sewing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?


There has been an intriguing number of interests being generated towards sewing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, people are self-quarantining in their homes with little activity to entertain themselves and let out their creativity. You know what John Eastwood said about boredom and creativity, right? Yes! Boredom can, in fact, spark creativity, and what better outlet would it be than the beauty and art of sewing?

To answer the public’s demand, hundreds of trustworthy and reliable sites like thelittlegiggler.com have joined the fray to provide insightful tutorials and classes about the craft of sewing. Expert sites like the little giggler welcomed people with open arms and warm greetings to function as a community where their imaginations and creativity can soar higher than the sky and shine brighter than the sun and moon combined. You might be wondering why there have been such a high number of interests being generated by people towards sewing?

Well, you can find the answers below:

It Can Combat Negative Feelings and Emotions

Sewing to Destress

According to a study that introduced sewing to mental health patients has found that there has been a 70 percent increase in mood and positive emotions. Similar to what these patients are feeling, sewing indeed can alleviate negative feelings and combat negative emotions from spiraling and causing self-destructive tendencies to be built up. Sewing is becoming a helpful activity that doctors and psychiatrists utilize to calm patients and heal them from their mental health issues.

It Can Be a Way to Channel Your Creativity

As briefly touched in the preamble above, people are using sewing as a means to express themselves creatively. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are left holed up in their homes, bored out of their minds that have made them reach out to sewing as a productive hobby to help them stay sane and prolific. Learning how to sew has helped these people become more creative which are advantageous in their job and projects.

It Can Help You Save Money

Sewing a Button

You might have several clothes or jeans with holes in them, but you hadn’t had the chance to visit your tailor and sewist or didn’t have the sufficient funds to get them fixed. Well, when you know how to sew, you don’t need to spend a single dime on those repair services because you can do it yourself! Learning how to sew can save you a lot of money from all the times your zipper breaks or your shirt rips.


Suppose most people choose sewing as their creative outlet, then maybe they are on to something big and productive here? Why not join the club by paying a visit to sites like the little giggler who has been acknowledged by Google to learn how to sew and be enveloped in a loving community of people who are in the same boat and share the same passion as you.…

Women Education and Covid-19

girls learning

Tremendous gender equality gains in education have marked the past few decades. Girls, especially those from developing countries, are fast embracing education. Unfortunately, these gains could be fast rolled back for some kids because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

student libraryStudies show that more than 70% of students worldwide have been affected by school closure in the face of this pandemic. As you look at the social-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, experiences show that the female gender could be the worst hit. In light of this worrying statistic, this write-up shares some tips to help girls continue their education.

Provide Financial Incentives

It is common knowledge that kids from poor backgrounds rarely make it to school. The economic impact of COVID-19 on families today has places girl and women, in particular, are at a high risk of sexual exploitation, early marriages, and child labor. Cash transfers to needy women could prove vital in helping more girls return to school.

Scale Up Distance Education

Distance learning methods have been proven quite useful during the COVID-19, especially in high-income countries. In light of this fact, countries are encouraged to initiate gender-responsive distance learning approaches to ensure that both girls and boys continue with their education from home. If possible, girls need to be given more attention to address gender disparity.

Mobilize the Community

There is a great need for targeted campaigns to support kids get back to school. While doing this, it is imperative to include communities and caregivers to help girls get back to school. The best way to go about this is to ensure that these messages are contextualized to break societal norms that hold girls from school.

Advocate for Policy Reformswomen fetching firewood

At times, it’s not just about telling people what to do. Gains in girls’ education also need to be down to some policies. In countries where girls are at a disadvantaged point when it comes to accessing education, policymakers need to develop policies aimed at encouraging the enrollment of girls in school. 

There is a need to remove barriers to girl’s education. It is high time that policymakers re-imagine education systems that give girls and boys equal opportunities to learn. Also, there is a great need to mitigate the secondary impacts of this pandemic.